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01 May, 2019

Media Release

April 29, 2019




Miami, Florida – IFW Global, the international private intelligence firm that specialises in cybercrime, is significantly increasing its operations by opening an office in the USA that will see it strengthen its position as a trusted and respected leader in the fight against sophisticated cyber criminals targeting US citizens.

Based in Miami, Florida, the new IFW Global USA office will be led by former Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Special Agent and now IFW Global US Director of Operations Michael Nasca, who brings more than 25 years of experience investigating: financial crimes, customs fraud, international money laundering and other cybercrimes.

This move by IFW Global, which recently made headlines around the world for its successful investigations into SE Asian-based boiler room scams that saw multiple arrests and illegal funds seized, comes as the company responds to growing demands for its services in the US.

IFW Global Executive Chairman Ken Gamble described the move to open a US base in Miami as fundamental to the company’s growing international role in the fight against cyber fraud.

Mr Gamble said: “This is a strategic move to offer American victims of serious fraud a new global capability to track down offenders and recover lost funds. We have identified Miami as the ideal base for our US operations because it is recognised as an international hotbed for securities fraud and scam activity. There are a significant number of clients who have reached out to IFW from Florida so it makes sense to place our US hub here.”

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Florida ranks as having the highest rate of fraud in America with 1,002 incidents of fraud for every 100,000 people. Georgia, the second-most fraud-ridden state, had a far lower rate of 894 reports per 100,000 residents. As a result, Floridians lost more than $84 million in 2018.

“We are thrilled that Mike Nasca will be leading our US operations. He is a formidable investigator with significant experience both in the government and private sector. IFW Global is moving from strength to strength and the continued results for our clients comes from of having people like Mike on board,” Mr Gamble said.

Mr Nasca added: “Cybercrime is one of the greatest problems facing law enforcement agencies around the world and the private cybercrime investigations sector can play a crucial role in helping to fight back.

“IFW Global has a huge reputation as a respected organisation that gets results for its clients, that’s why the company makes headlines around the world. It’s a perfect fit for me and I have been able to bring my past law enforcement experience on board to help our American clients.”

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About IFW Global

IFW Global (“IFW”) is a dedicated, international investigation team combatting and safeguarding clients from cybercrime. IFW delivers unique services that are not available anywhere else on the market. Law enforcement agencies are often restricted in their efforts to pinpoint the location of suspect and their illegal operations. IFW has built an alert and focused company culture that ensures every case is handled with a high degree of urgency and sensitivity.

IFW’s head office is located in Australia with a fully staffed operation and monitoring hub in the heart of Asia and other offices in London, Hong Kong and the USA.

Understanding the internal structures of such groups requires in-depth investigative work. Regardless of what the end result might be or how simple it may sound, successfully recovering assets lost from fraud always requires a substantial build-up of evidence necessary to turn the results of investigations into actionable intelligence. Each case requires an individual approach, while “fit-all solutions” are simply unable to deliver the desired outcome

About Michael Nasca

Director of US Operations

Michael Nasca is the Director of US Operations with over 25 years of federal law enforcement experience as a special agent in both criminal and civil proceedings. Michael retired as a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), where he was responsible for investigating financial crimes, customs fraud, intellectual 3 property rights violations, money laundering and cybercrimes. Michael has been nationally and internationally recognized for collaborating with other governments and non-government entities in order to address transnational criminal organizations operating in the United States and abroad. Michael also retired as a US Navy Reserve Intelligence Officer where he served a tour in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Michael Nasca
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