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IFW Global Exposes Conman While Leading Police to Major Arrest

20 August, 2020

Anatomy of an investigation and why IFW Global is a leader when it comes to cracking big cases.

When IFW Global Chairman and leading global cybercrime fighter Ken Gamble received phone call in early 2020 from a businessman in Asia, who was concerned he’d been scammed, it set in motion an investigation that would eventually see a notoriously elusive conman arrested by police.

It was an exceptionally difficult case because of the way a company and its website had been structured to conceal its owners and block members of the public from viewing the website promotional material, spruiking an international sports betting scam. These are hallmarks of how a notorious conman conceals his identity.

Peter Clarence Foster, has spent a lifetime conning people through elaborate financial scams, evading police in various countries and seemingly escaping proper convictions through the courts for his crimes.

IFW Global Chairman Ken Gamble said: “Foster is a serial conman and financial predator, scamming hundreds of people from all walks of life in elaborate get rich schemes.  He has never shown remorse for his victims, and continues to offend every time he’s released from prison”



On this occasion though, there was no getting around Ken Gamble’s experience, determination and skills. He was on the case immediately when the scam was uncovered and would play a pivotal role in exposing Foster’s latest activity, while leading police to his hideout in the far North Queensland’s popular coastal tourist spot of Port Douglas.

“I am not the only one happy about Foster’s arrest. So are hundreds of victims in Australia who have never seen any justice served after they fell victim to one of his scams. The IFW surveillance team in Port Douglas have been tailing Foster for a month, so we have a very comprehensive profile of his activities. It’s been a lot of work that has now paid off”. 

Foster is now under arrest and facing multiple allegations by police that he has been involved in money laundering and fraud. Ken Gamble’s investigation helped kickstart a NSW Police Strike Force targeting Foster for this particular case. He now sees the convicted criminal facing the most serious charges in his life.


It’s not the first time Ken has been involved in outsmarting Foster. He was hired by a media organisation to find his hideout in 2014 that led to an arrest and exposed a $30 Million scam called Sports Trading Club, masterminded by Foster.

“This is not the first time I’ve spent months tracking Foster. The Sports Trading Club Partnership scheme netted him about $30 million in criminal proceeds but he evaded serious charges for that scam and only served 12 months in a New South Wales prison”.

With that case in the back of his mind, Ken knew he had to work fast and commit a lot of hours in order to stay several steps ahead of Foster. The conman is incredibly cunning and elusive when he thinks he’s the target of an investigation. The clock was ticking in order to prevent him from going to ground for good.

Surveillance: Peter Foster walks along the beach in Port Douglas. Picture: IFW Global

Ken had spent several weeks gathering intelligence on a company called Sport Predictions and unearthed enough evidence that supported the Asian businessman’s suspicions that he in fact had been the victim of a company with dubious operations.

The evidence pointed towards Foster as being a key player in the company and all information was passed on to police to assist with their enquiries.

But Ken’s job wasn’t done for his client. Foster had fled his home on the Gold Coast and disappeared, after media reports and a podcast linked him to Sport Predictions.

Ken needed to find him, if there was going to be any hope of recovering millions of dollars allegedly scammed through the company. He was out of sight, but not for long with Ken on the hunt.

“I went to the Gold Coast when the scam was unearthed and found out Foster had fled his house along with another accomplice involved in Sport Predictions. It didn’t take me too long to find out that he had travelled to Port Douglas in the far north of Queensland. 


As he walks along the beach, staring down at the sand, while soaking up the sun blessed surroundings, he had no idea that in the distance Ken Gamble had found him and he wasn’t letting him out of his sights.

“Within days, I was all over him and watching his every move while he walked his dogs on the beach and spent his days at his desk in a rented house”.

Days turned into weeks as Ken stayed in the area while police completed their investigation and satisfied the requirements for an arrest warrant to be issued.

“I had received intelligence that Foster was in the market for a luxury motor yacht, valued at over a million dollars. It was moored in Port Douglas and is an ocean-going vessel, which suggested to me that he was getting set to leave Australia for good,” Ken explains.

“I had to be patient, but I wasn’t letting him out of my sight until police eventually came and took him away in handcuffs. I had to see the job through, it was crucial for my case, and for my client. I had to make sure he didn’t flee because he would have been out of reach for ever.” 

On August 20, 2020, Queensland Police arrested Foster on Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas. Queensland Police were acting on a request from New South Wales police to arrest him in order to have him extradited to face a NSW court.

Police charged Foster with multiple fraud and money-laundering counts. The strongest string of charges he has faced in his infamous criminal career.


“I am extremely satisfied on this occasion that both the NSW Police Force and Queensland Police Service have done an outstanding job of the arrest. I am hoping justice will finally be served on Foster for his many years of preying on the vulnerable and destroying so many lives in the process”.

It’s another successful conclusion to a high-profile IFW Global case, where the odds were stacked against Ken Gamble. It proves, yet again, that no investigation is too complex or big for the team at IFW Global.

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