Meet the IFW team: Investigations manager Darren Kelly

09 January, 2019

Meet the IFW team: Investigations Manager Darren Kelly

Recently on the IFW Global blog, we have shared some of our team’s successes with you. We’ve been involved in boiler room raids, investigated multimillion dollar embezzlement cases and undertaken corporate investigations into overseas companies

While we’ve celebrated our team’s successes, we’ve yet to highlight the people who make up that team and who carry out a lot of the hard work that leads to those positive news stories.

In this article, we’d like to introduce you to our Investigations Manager, Darren Kelly, who has been an integral part of our team in Australia over the past 18 months.

Current role at IFW

Darren joined IFW Global in 2017 and now works as our Australian Investigations Manager. What this means is that, alongside Ken Gamble, Darren is the focal point for clients in Australia working with IFW Global. 

Darren is an accomplished expert in many areas, including complex fraud cases, surveillance and investigations. He works as a point of contact between clients looking to recover assets and our team, our contractors and our lawyers to ensure all parties are on the same page during investigations. He works around the clock to co-ordinate investigations carried out across Australia and overseas, making sure that the clients get the best results.

Previous work

Before starting at IFW, Darren worked for the NSW Police Force for close to a decade. Having always valued justice and despised the idea of people becoming victims of crime, it was a natural career path to take. 

Starting off as a Constable, Darren moved up the ranks and ended up as a Detective working for the NSW Police Force Fraud Squad based in Sydney. There, he learned skills such as recording and documenting evidence, taking affidavits and running investigations to add to his natural curiosity, his inquisitive nature and his strong desire for justice. These attributes make Darren a natural fit for fraud cases and asset recovery in the private sector.

Moving to IFW

Darren left the police force to embark on a university degree and while there he met Ken Gamble. Darren was impressed by the great work being done at IFW and his curiosity was sparked. 

As well as being able to use his police experience, Darren studied online investigations and the effective management of surveillance operatives, intelligence analysts, researchers and support staff. Since joining IFW, Darren has added online investigation skills to his repertoire, giving clients better and quicker results than ever before.

Darren enjoys the freedom of working in the private sector compared to government law enforcement. He takes advantage of less red tape holding up investigations and enjoys much more lenience to think outside the box.

The best and worst parts of the job

A lot of Darren’s work includes relationship management. One of the hardest tasks he has to carry out is to confirm with clients that they have been scammed in a serious investment fraud and that there’s a chance their money has gone.

However, because of his hard work and diligence, he is often able to return that money and bring back joy to those who had lost all hope. This is particularly rewarding when dealing with a retiree who has worked hard all their life, only to have their super money fraudulently taken away.

Darren’s proudest moments to date were seeing multiple arrest operations taking place in the Philippines in cases that involved evidence he helped to prepare for law enforcement agencies. Darren’s work has been vital in uncovering information that led to the closing down of numerous transnational boiler room scams overseas and has led to the arrest of numerous fraudsters.

Find out more about fraud and asset recovery

Scammers are professionals who spend their lives trying to trick people out of money, so it’s no wonder that some people fall victim to fraud. While there are many potential red flags, Darren recommends never engaging with anyone who offers an investment over the phone that is too good to be true, especially when those cold calls are from people promising quick and big returns.

Darren Kelly and the rest of the team at IFW Global work in Australia and internationally to help individuals and businesses reclaim stolen assets. If you think you’ve been the victim of online investment fraud, download our eBook ‘Online Investment Fraud: Recover Your Stolen Assets’ to find out what your next steps may be.New call-to-action

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