All you need to know about cryptocurrency scams

Digital and virtual currencies secured by cryptography – cryptocurrencies – are a scary unknown for many. But for almost a decade now, people from all walks of life have been legitimately using and trading this new type of currency for great...

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Why the Police can't recover your money

Police are an important ally in any criminal investigation. But they face limitations in relation to fraud cases, and can only rarely recover money. There are four main reasons why you need more than the police on your side if you have been...

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Everything you need to know about Boiler Room Scams

Boiler room scams get their name from the high-pressure sales tactics these organisations use to get people to invest their money, often in shady or non-existent investments. Most commonly, business owners will receive a cold call with details...

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Cyber Scams: A Million Dollar Business

Understanding how to spot a scam and knowing tactics that criminals use are paramount when staying safe against cybercrime. 

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