Reduce risk by relying on our key due diligence tips

Effective due diligence for your law firm Mergers and acquisitions can make organisations greater than the sum of their parts. However, they can also put companies at risk if they are exposed to undetected vulnerabilities. Corporate due diligence...

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Cyber Scams: A Million Dollar Business

Understanding how to spot a scam and knowing tactics that criminals use are paramount when staying safe against cybercrime. 

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When to Bring in a Private Investigator

A lawyer's life is always busy. Each case requires hours of research and often involves specialist work. Two heads are better than one, and a lawyer and a private investigator working together can be more effective than going it alone.  Private...

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Case Study: Corporate Investigation for Mining Interests

Corporate due diligence – an investigation of a company or companies typically done before entering into a business agreement – is a sensible undertaking before any contracts are signed. Due diligence is the best way to get a full overview of an...

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Case Study: Investigation of a Multimillion Dollar Embezzlement Case

According to the latest report by ACFE, more than half of organisations (53 per cent) that fall victim to occupational fraud never recover any of their stolen assets, which can run to millions of dollars. Knowing how to protect against...

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