Why the Police can't recover your money

Police are an important ally in any criminal investigation. But they face limitations in relation to fraud cases, and can only rarely recover money. There are four main reasons why you need more than the police on your side if you have been...

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Everything you need to know about Boiler Room Scams

Boiler room scams get their name from the high-pressure sales tactics these organisations use to get people to invest their money, often in shady or non-existent investments. Most commonly, business owners will receive a cold call with details...

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First Steps after a suspected scam

Timing is crucial when you're making financial investments. There's a feeling among some businesspeople that putting your money in too soon or too late can affect your returns.When you are made to feel under pressure, it can be easy to make...

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When to Bring in a Private Investigator

A lawyer's life is always busy. Each case requires hours of research and often involves specialist work. Two heads are better than one, and a lawyer and a private investigator working together can be more effective than going it alone.  Private...

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Case Study: Investigation of a Multimillion Dollar Embezzlement Case

According to the latest report by ACFE, more than half of organisations (53 per cent) that fall victim to occupational fraud never recover any of their stolen assets, which can run to millions of dollars. Knowing how to protect against...

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